2014 in Review: Our Top 3 Favorites

For the last couple weeks, we’ve been sharing our favorites from the garden in 2014. Now it’s time for Number 1!



Hands down. Seedless, Jubilee, Crimson Sweet. Derek and I both agree no other produce from the garden could compete with these. I know watermelon as a fruit is supposed to be an healthy option, but I’m pretty sure I gained at least 10lbs in watermelon over September. 10415557_827919487226803_4108538838481862263_n Usually by the end of the season, we’re pretty tired of  produce. Not watermelon, though. We were sad to see it go. And we’ll be even more happy to see it next year. Derek is planning to expand the patch quite a bit in 2015, and maybe we’ll even try some new flavors. (We’ve both talked about the yellow and orange.)










What is your favorite season fruit or vegetable of the year?



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2 responses to “2014 in Review: Our Top 3 Favorites

  1. reiknight

    The yellow champagne watermelon is amazing. Looks weird, but every time I’ve had it it has been so deliciously sweet and juicy.


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