I’m very excited. I asked Derek if, for my birthday, I could order a three or four honeyberry bushes. His response? He ordered me eight!

What’s a honeyberry bush?

They are a berry (obviously), very much like blueberries, but much more hardy, plumper, and a good bit taller. Some people describe them tasting like blueberries at first followed with a hint of strawberry and/or kiwi. Honeyberries are known to be more resilient against pests and cold — both very good characteristics in Iowa. They are also low maintenance — a very good characteristic for a busy farmer’s wife.

They should be arriving in the mail at the end of April sometime. Too bad it’s still a long time to wait before I can try the honeyberry for myself. It will take them several years before they mature enough to produce in abundance.

Consider it a future investment for birthdays to come.



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