The Grow Room

IMG_0198Known in other seasons as the hot water heater room, the grow room has been all set up for spring.

Derek added some new fixtures to the several grow-lights left over from last year. Buying special fixtures just for grow systems proved to be rather pricey. So this year, we’re testing out simple shop light fixtures and using the bulbs designed to help plants grow. (We attempted to use the daylight spectrum bulbs, but the new sprouts grew very leggy, very fast.)


Brand new lights. Brand new table.


Derek is standing on a chair right next to this, nailing the chains to the rafters.

Grow lights are so handy to have. Starting seeds inside gives the plants more time to produce when they’re transplanted outdoors. Not to mention, starting plants from seed saves a great deal of money. It’s possible to get a whole row of  crop for the price of one plant from the store.

(I don’t know about you, but there’s just something fun about checking every day until the little seedlings pop out of the soil. Anticipation is the spice of life.)


The finished project. Can you see the little space heater on the chair?

Having a grow room is also handy because some crops — the seedless watermelon, for example — need consistent temperatures between 70-80 degrees to germinate! If you no anything about Iowa weather, it’s anything but consistent. 🙂



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4 responses to “The Grow Room

  1. Hi, I live in Southern Indiana. Do you have a hard time getting your plants out in the spring? I can’t plant my garden till after middle of May but my cole crops should go out by March. But in March we have a hard time cause it is soooo wet….it’s April now and still too wet.
    And, do you have too much moisture built up in your utility room because of the plants?
    Thanks so much!

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    • Hello! In answer to your question, a resounding yes! We have to wait until the middle/end of April to get out the cole crops. Even then, it’s a challenge to get the garden tilled, because the ground is so saturated from melting snow, spring rain, low temps, etc. Like you, we also have to wait until the middle of May to begin the rest of the planting. It feels like so long to wait, especially since the weather is often so nice!
      As for the utility room? Not yet. It’s pretty well ventilated with open rafters. We definitely have that problem though with our indoor grow system, though. It was getting practically tropical in there with the humidity, until we unzipped the sides a ways. What have your experiences been like with moisture build-up?



      • I haven’t started plants indoors yet as I use my Dad’s greenhouse at his school (Ag teacher). He retires this year so I’m reading up on what people are doing since I will need to do this next year.
        We have a VERY dry house since we heat with wood, so I’m hoping the moisture build-up won’t be too bad for us.


      • I don’t think it’ll be too bad either.
        It depends on how many flats you tend to start indoors too. We have 3 acres, so we do several tables worth of flats every year. For more family-sized garden, you probably wouldn’t need to do nearly as much.
        I’ve even seen people have a small grow-system setup in just the corner of their bedroom or in their living room — wherever there’s space.
        Given your house, having a little moisture would probably be a benefit, I bet! 🙂


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