First New Growth

Derek and I have been going out walking in the garden, looking for the first new growth of the season. And we found it.


Iris are poking up through the soil.


I can’t wait for all the colors! Maybe there will be enough to cut and bring into the house this year.


Rhubarb is showing itself also. These were the first. By now, many more in long row have begun to poke their heads above the ground.


They aren’t the prettiest plant when they’re first coming up. Being so tight knit and close to the ground keeps them safe from the frost, I bet.


Raspberries are still asleep. (Update: Derek said they’re just now breaking bud!)


Chives — the first herbs of the season. Hopefully, these guys will help keep Derek supplied with a steady source of Chives and Cottage Cheese. Yum!

As the weather continues to warm, we also spotted the first asparagus this week. Derek’s been hard at work planting the tomatoes and peppers indoors. And we’re anxiously awaiting being able to plant Cole crops in a week or two; they’re almost getting too big for the grow room.

How’s gardening season going in your area?



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8 responses to “First New Growth

  1. reiknight

    I am so used to things being green *most* of the year that it always befuddles me when I am reminded that not everywhere is set in a subtropical location. I can only imagine what it’s like during winter where everything is bare and green is no longer the predominant colour. That said, winter is the best time to grow things in my location, it’s far too hot in summer for things like lettuce and spinach. Chives – which I love – don’t really grow for me at all!
    How long have you had the asparagus in and are you leaving them to grow out green or blanching them for white? They’re something I’d like to grow since they come from Argentina or Peru (!!!!) here with the occasional bunch of Aussie grown coming through. I pickled about 30 bunches last year when I managed to get Aussie grown asparagus for $1 a bunch. Turned out super yummy!


    • Tell me about it! That’s what Arizona is like, but with brown instead of green. I LOVE the changing seasons here. Just when you get tired of one season, it changes. The winter is especially lovely because everything is so white and crystal.
      Haha! Winter in Arizona was also the grow season. Must be a “near-the-equator” thing. 🙂
      Do you try to grow Chives indoors or out? Seeds or plants?

      Goodness, we have asparagus of all ages. We have a few patches that were there when we moved in, a few we started from seed, a few from roots. Most of it is still maturing. We won’t have a truly plentiful crop until next year, probably.
      Asparagus are very easy. I’d highly recommend growing some. The only hard part is waiting the year or so for the plants to mature. If you start asparagus roots/rhizomes, they’re be ready by the next year and abundant by the year after.
      What recipe did you use to pickle your asparagus? I want to try doing that this year if we have any overflow. 🙂


      • reiknight

        I love the environment here. Endless summer seems like a dream. But what a lot of people don’t realise here is that “summer” means everything from beautiful sunny days to life threatening storms, whereas winter is what we like to call motorcycle touring season 😀 And it gets cold here, but doesn’t rain much at all. Chives are an outdoor thing, anything I try to grow indoors dies.

        I’d like to grow asparagus, but I never know when we might up and move. So I don’t want to put it in the ground, and lovingly tend it only to move on. And I’m not sure if I could keep it alive in pots, especially during summer. Not a container farmer at all here!

        I used two recipes for the pickled asparagus, one was a red wine vinegar recipe, very tangy, very yummy. The other was a more traditional “strong” pickling liquid, flavoured with dill seed. I’ll post the recipes soon. Both recipes resulted in lovely pickled asparagus that were still crisp and taste glorious as they continue to mature, they’ve been pickled for about six months and we’re still eating them! I’m thinking of doing another batch of pickled onions soon, and the bread and butter cucumbers are just about empty so we NEED another jar of those because they’re sooo good and Chris will eat them straight out of the jar with a fork if I let him. Then again, the first batch I made we sat there and scooped up bowls of them.

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  2. I’m starting to see my garden grow! Tomatoes are about a foot tall and the cabbage looks like it will make it. Mint is really spreading as is the thyme. I’ve got a few more things going on in the garden. I’m hoping to get more plants in the ground this weekend. Asparagus is something I’d like to try. Best wishes to you and your garden! Koko


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