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Photo of the Day #17

IMG_0460Peppers — jalapenos, Serrano, bells, habaneros, dulce de espanas, bananas, pepperoncinis.

All these bad boys are in the ground now. (My wonderful hubby planted them here.) I’m not even sure what to do with half of them; I’m sure it’ll get figured out.

At the very least, I learned you can dehydrate peppers to use later in soups and salsas and meats. Some dried jalapeno from last year has been serving us very nicely.

Either way, these are guaranteed to be yummy. It’s hard to go wrong with peppers.




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Photo of the Day #16


Allow me to introduce you to the green bean row. Like the cabbages, zucchini, and cucumber, this row also scares me a little. It’s nearly twice the size of last years rows — and last years rows overwelmed me. I will definitely have to call in reinforcements for preserving this year with these guys. On the flip side, green beans rated second in our Top 3 Favorites from 2014. They. Were. Delicious. If we can preserve the numerous hordes, they will be eaten, that’s for sure.

Help me out and buy a few pounds from us, will ya?

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Photo of the Day #15

IMG_0473It’s not grass!

This is the Indian corn sprouting. It’s so beautiful; I’ve always had an admiration for Indian Corn. That admiration only grew this year when I learned you can also pop and eat Indian Corn. Yum!

My wonderful husband gave in this year and finally decided to plant sweet corn as well. Normally the coons ravage sweet corn like nobodies business. But with the electric fence up and running, hopefully they’ll stay out of the garden patch.

We’ll see!


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Photo of the Day #14

IMG_0476The cabbages.

How do you spell Sauerkraut?

(No really. Sourkraut?  Sauerkrot? I never get it right without spell check.)

There are so many cabbages in the ground — both regular and Chinese cabbage — it’s a little frightening. In fact, the only thing more frightening is the amount of cucumber and zucchini.

Last year I missed out of preserving any cabbages because they all sold. At least this year, there will be plenty left for me. Hopefully. And that means Saurkraut! (Er, Sauerkrout. You know what I mean.)


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Photo(s) of the Day #13




A close-up

We been finding several volunteer sunflowers from last years sprouting up. Instead of tilling them under, Derek has been transplanting them into one corner of the garden. he also planted some extra marigolds around them.


Marigolds are supposed to help keep away bad bugs in the garden.


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Photo of the Day #12



This one excites me — lima beans! They’re just breaking the soil. This will be the first hard bean we grow. (I hope it’s the first of many.) As a lover of beans, I’m sure I will enjoy these. It’s just a matter of finding lima bean recipes.

Anyone have recommendations for me?


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Photo(s) of the Day #11

Today I’m mixing it up a little. Think of it as a guessing game. One of these is a zucchini and one of these is a cucumber. Do you know which one — the yellow flag or the white flag?





I know I can’t tell! Somehow Derek can. If gardening was a superpower, it would belong to my husband. I have never seen that man use labels. And somehow, even when plants are at their tiniest, he can tell which one is which. It’s incredible, and one of the features I really admire about him.

As for me? Maybe I’ll be able to tell once there’s a cucumber or a zucchini on them. . . maybe . . .


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