Photo of the Day #7

Asparagus CroppedThe beginnings of evergreen forest?

Nope! That’s baby asparagus. (I really think it looks like evergreens.)

These are the seeds that went into the ground last year. They’re still too young to harvest. So this year, they’re growing away happily, becoming tall and fern-y. Another year and they’ll be mature enough to start harvesting.

(Don’t worry though. If you want asparagus, our other plants are still producing. So just let us know if you’d like some!)




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2 responses to “Photo of the Day #7

  1. theforkofdreams

    It’s looking lovely and Healthy! I’ve managed to get my hands on some crowns, which I’m hoping to plant this weekend – any advice for an Asparagus newbie?


    • Why hello! Asparagus is pretty hardy stuff and low maintenance, so there’s not a whole lot of advice to give. 🙂 (Here in Iowa, you’ll see it growing in the wild along the road sides and in the ditches!) Maybe plant them in full sun. And stop picking asparagus by mid-June. (Though depending on your climate, the timing could be different.) That way the plants can build up themselves for the winter.
      (And maybe, be careful not to mow them down with the lawn mower. That tends to happen frequently in Iowa too! xD)
      I checked out your blog. I hope you’ll post some picture one you have them in the ground.
      Happy planting!

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