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Photo of the Day #24

IMG_0548Say hello to the Lima beans.

This is the first year growing Lima beans (which are actually a dry bean) so it’ll be a bit of an adventure. We’ll see how things will turn out. I’ve always wanted to try dry beans. Next year’s ambition is to maybe try pinto beans or great northern beans. I have a great curiosity to see if home grown dry beans taste any different than store bought.

In the upper right-hand corner, you can see the rows of garlic. And on the very right edge, the row of wildflowers my husband let me plant. Sadly, neither of us can tell the difference between the wildflowers and the weeds, making us afraid to pull anything. The thought process at the moment is to wait until they flower, then we can tell the difference.


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Photo of the Day #23

Long, long rows of rhubarb and asparagus. This is only the second year for most of these plants. Next year, they may over run. (Nothing would make me happy actually. I love asparagus!)

This was taken after Derek had spent the day tilling the weeds down. As you can see, we still need to go through and pull around the plants. (It’s actually quite a bit worse by now, too because we’ve had so much rain lately!

One thing is for sure.

You can’t garden and remain a perfectionist.

By the way, can you spot the tiller? Somehow it always ends up in the background, haha!

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