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Photo of the Day #26


Baby tomato!

I’m so far behind with these posts (Thanks, green beans!) we’ve probably already eaten this tomato by now — haha!


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Photo of the Day #26


I tend to find a lot of these laying about the garden during strawberry season. Some are strawberries that have fallen victim to insects or slugs. But some fall victim to the husband. They never make it our of the garden.

I’ll never know what caused this strawberry to meet this sad fate.

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Photo of the Day #25

IMG_0550Spaghetti squash plant. Sadly, squash borers have hit us hard this year. We’ll be lucky to get a couple squashes. Our zucchini and pumpkins are really struggling as well.

Gardens rarely look like the magazines. (Really, does anything look like in the magazines?)

Next year, we’ll have to develop a strategy to protect our squashes.

Have you ever had problems with squash borers? Recommend any good remedies?



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It brings one of two reactions from people:

“I love kohlrabi!”

Or. . .

“What’s kohlrabi?”IMG_0629

I’m afraid I fell into the second category when Derek first tossed some of this vegetable into a stirfry. Being from Arizona, I thought I was looking at an alien flora as I took up the knife to peel one. A dense green bulb with shoots springing out of it’s smooth surface.

Kohlrabi (pronounced “Coal*Raw*Bee”), meaning cabbage turnip, is indeed a member of¬†Brassica oleracea family. That is, the same family as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, and other such cold crops. (It also happens to taste a good deal like cabbage and cauliflower too.)¬†It has a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, most notable vitamin C.

Usually, once the question of “What is a Kohlrabi?” is answered, the next question usually is: “What do you do with it?” Besides peeling it and eating it raw, not many people seem to know. (Believe me, I’ve asked, too.)

Do you eat kohlrabi? Do you have any good recipes for it?


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