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Photo of the Day #28


I’m actually not sure what these are. (Wish my farmer hubby was here; he’d know)

But it’s awful weedy here, huh? Look at all that grass!

Anybody who’s had a garden knows. Real gardens never look like the ones in the magazines. Weeding — real life weeding — is basically about keeping the weeds shorter than the plants.

So! If your garden has ever looked like this, you’re doing good.

Keep it up.


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Photo of the Day #27


Sweet potato plants! Of the bush variety.

Yeah, so we might have dug up and eaten these guys already. (And they were tasty.)

Just because it’s November, and the garden is long since browned over and sleeping, doesn’t mean I can’t post luscious pictures from summer, right? They say seeing a little green helps combat the winter blues.

Life won’t be perfect until we get to heaven. Until then, I’ll have to content myself with posting pictures dreadfully late sometimes.

I’m sure you, dear reader, won’t mind. After all, it could be summer where you’re at!

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