Photo of the Day #29


Here’s the sweet potatoes again! Behind them after the squashes and the pumpkins. (Even further back on the plastic is the musk melons.)

Gardening doesn’t always go the way you hope. Bugs, diseases, bad seed, weeds. It’s a lot to fight against to keep plants healthy and producing.

Alas, here we lost the war. Squash borers decimated the pumpkins and spaghetti squash. The musk melons in the background fruited with no taste; we’re not sure if it’s the seed or if we don’t have the right ground for musk melons.

“Failure is success in progress,” said Albert Einstein — there’s a guy who knew what failure is all about. Times like these are an opportunity to think like that. Plus, in the midst of failure, there’s always something to be thankful for. The sweet potatoes did very well. We enjoyed them a great deal!

Where do you find encouragement when you fail?


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