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Months have past since an update and spring is back! When the garden goes to sleep, so do we. Derek and I are both winter hibernators — resting, enjoying board games, putting together puzzles, sports and movie nights, and dates to the library.

Now that spring is here, we’re both back in the mood for green growing things! (In fact, we’ve had spring fever since January!) Before diving into all the new growth coming up, I thought to share a few highlights from our winter.


I discovered this buck one laundry day nestled in the grass enjoying the weak, January sunlight. He must have been far too comfortable to move, because he refused to be disturbed by my several passes with the laundry. So out came the camera (and the zoom! He was down in the valley and I on the hill. This was the best shot I could get.) I just love his rich, red fur color. That’s what first caught my eye.


Derek and I have taken to bird watching. Derek likes to point out that you can’t exercise Matt 6:26 enough every time we go. Sadly, not too many birds like to stick around for the Iowa winter. Here at a park, only these little sparrows could be found. It’s enough though. Sparrows are my favorite.


A winter sunset. I’m not sure words offer anything to this picture. God’s creation speaks for itself.


Preserving doesn’t have to end in winter. This winter, Derek and I teamed up to make pineapple jam. The recipe turned out so tasty, we made another batch — a very, very big batch! I couldn’t help but smile walking out of Fareway with a dozen pineapples in a snowstorm; I don’t get to do that very often. We also attempted more marmalade. I say attempted, because I attempted too large of a batch and overfilled the pot. Now I know for next time!


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