After a fluffy, snowy, cold Iowa winter, it’s impossible not to be happy when spring arrives! Though, sometimes it’s hard to tell when Spring is actually here. Derek’s grandpa says it’s snowed in April and May before! For the moment, spring is here and we’re enjoying every minute of it!



Pots on the front porch waiting to be planted. They didn’t have to wait very long. I think Derek filled them with tender, young daisies and gaillardias yesterday! We just discovered today a few volunteer dill plants have made their home here. How did they get in there?



IMG_0885Speaking of flowers, Derek surprised me on Valentines day with a pile of flower seed packets that we could plant together. I’ve always wanted a flower garden, and I love cut flowers so much! Here’s the little plot Derek plowed beside the vegetables for it. All those flags you see are places where he’s laid in trumpet lily bulbs, daily lilies, Asiatic lilies, tiger lilies, and more!

Last night, we spent the last waning hour of dusk (and some of the full moon!) planting daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips all in bloom. It’s wonderful to have some color already!


I don’t know if you remember the honey berries? Well, they’re BLOOMING!!! Modestly, because they’re so young, but blooming indeed! Maybe they’ll be a few to sample this year.


Derek is very close to finishing out his rows of berries this year. The raspberry rows need a few to fill in where others have died. And here you see the blueberry rows, freshly mulched in pine straw. They still have some time yet before they start producing.

(Notice the adorable, baby pine cones? I confess I ferreted a few away into the house to save as Christmas decorations for next year. Pine cones are wonderful!)


The rhubarb has been up for week now. It won’t be long until I can bake with them. (Which reminds me, I should get my rhubarb recipes collected together. Do you have any you’d recommend?) Just this week, the first tasty asparagus came up. After a long winter, garden fresh asparagus tastes SO GOOD!! There’s a vegetable I wouldn’t mind being overwhelmed with.IMG_0916 IMG_0917 And finally, the peach trees. Aren’t those blossoms beautiful? I could stand for hours looking as blooming fruit trees. Last year we had a few peaches. I wonder what we’ll get this year? I can’t wait and see!



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4 responses to “Spring!

  1. Spring is such a wonderful time of year. :)) Everything is looking great! It will be so fun for you once your flowers all start blooming!

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    • Thanks! Spring is definitely a favorite season. The only one I enjoy better is fall.
      Haha! I hope the flowers will bloom well. We’ll see what the Lord has in store. Feels like every year I’m trained a little more to not get my hopes too caught up in my dreams of what the garden could be! Sometimes I lose sight that this is the Lord’s garden really and it’ll be the way He wants. Sometimes His thoughts and my thoughts are a little conflicting, given that His are so much higher than mine!


  2. I love gardening, I can not wait to plant ours this year. We just moved so we are behind! We had a terrible crop last year so I’m hoping for more luck this year.


    • Hi Ana! Isn’t that the nice thing about gardening? Even if the previous year is a disaster, winter gives enough time to forget about it and be encouraged to try again. (Our garden didn’t end well last year for us either.) Here’s to better growing gardens in 2016! Thanks for commenting.


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