It’s Derek’s favorite flower. When he told me he liked them best, I confess I didn’t even know what an iris was or what it looked like. I remember him getting a picture out on his phone to show me some that he’d planted at his parents.

Ever his favorite flower, he always get pictures of them every year. He asked me to get some with the good camera too. They’re so beautiful! I hope you enjoy!

Iris come in two sizes: regular and giant. These are the regular size. Don’t ask me the names of them; I’m afraid I don’t remember.

All I remember is that these purple/gray ones above are affectionately known in the family as “Aunt Wanda’s” from whom they came. I’m not sure even Derek remembers their proper name any more!

White irises hold a special place in my heart. They partnered with white lilies to be our wedding flowers. I can’t look at them without a tinge of sweet nostalgia! Nearly twice as big, these guys fall into the category of giant iris.

Such rich color can be a challenge to capture on camera! God’s works are amazing.

These three hadn’t opened yet, but they are now. Their pictures will follow soon. The white with the purple ruffles is my personal favorite.

Another regular iris. The smaller ones make up for their size by being hardier and more prolific.

Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it gray? Ah! I say lavender, but technically this is blue iris. The color is so soft, I could look at it all day.


COMING 2017! This is a row of new iris Derek put in this year. The colors on the picture ranged from breathtaking to really wonky. It’ll be interesting to see what they turn out to be like next year.



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2 responses to “Iris

  1. They are so beautiful, Christina! I love all the different varieties you all have. We have quite a few irises, and they are one of my favorite flowers, too, and always a welcome sight each spring!


    • Thank Sarah! My favorite part is that they make such a nice cut flower. We’ve been enjoying them for week. You should post some of your irises some day! I’d love to seem them. I confess, I can’t get enough of flowers.


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