Planting “Done”!

It’s a misnomer. For a garden, planting is never, ever, really, truly done. In the space of season, sometimes plants die or a must-have plant catches the eye. However, all the major crops are in. Any planting that remains will be those bit and bobs that always pop up now and again.


Thanks to our Bible Study group coming out to help! Because of them, Derek was able to finish these fences around the blueberries. Hopefully, they’ll be enough to keep the deer from snacking on the blueberry stems over the winter.


Pepper plants of many varieties. They’re still reeling a little from being transplant the day before. As I write this, they’re perked up and happy again.IMG_1090

Multiple variety of garlics. Derek decided to try elephant garlic. The clove that arrived via mail to plant was the equivalent of one regular sized garlic head. We love our garlic!IMG_1091

Potato row! And my hard working farmer watering in the background. He doesn’t know I caught this picture of him — haha! He’s my favorite thing in the garden right now.

One of these is a purple potato. Can you tell which one?


The cold crops. This year, Derek decided to try them in the black landscaping fabric to cut down on weeds. So far it’s working well. We had to stay out into the wee hours (which is 9pm for me) planting in the dark to get these in. Making memories like that will last long after the veggies are gone.

Close ups of the cold crops. (They grow so quick! Even since I took these pics, they’ve grown nearly twice this size!) Top left is kale and top right is brussels sprouts. The bottom is broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. But don’t ask me which is which! I’m still working on figuring out which is which.


The tomatoes have been caged! Tomatoes are so good — it’s hard to have too many. Derek is trying a couple new varieties this year, including a pink one! And cherry tomatoes! They’re super yummy dried and we haven’t had a good crop of them in a couple years. Our Alfredo missed them…


Raspberry buds waiting to bloom. This is looking to be the best crop of raspberries yet. It’d be so neat to get enough to make raspberry jam. Only time will tell!

That’s all for this week! With the planting over, now begins the weeding and the waiting. Thanks for reading!


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