“Pots o’ Things”


God’s kindness towards me a very overwhelming sometimes. During some health struggles last year, I had to choose to let my mints, lavender, dill, parsley, rosemary, and basil succumb to the elements. It was very sad for me to have to give them up. I held out hope maybe they’d survive the winter, but the dead, brittle stalks remained despite spring rain and sunshine.

So seeing this, Derek decided one day to completely restore my meager herb garden. He took me on date to Theisens and told pick out literally whatever I liked and however much I wanted. (I have a hard time purchasing things for myself; a statement like that is enough to make me melt into a puddle.) He said it was so that I “could have plenty of pots o’ things.”






Chives. These were the only survivors from last year.


Spearmint — a personal favorite of Derek’s.




Chamomile. I enjoy this tea so much. I’m looking forward to having so to grow.


Thyme. The tan pots in the back are full of basil

At this point, I kept trying to limit myself in what I chose. So Derek took over and began putting plants in the cart on my behalf. He refused to let us leave until he’d picked out at least one of every type of herb Theisens had to offer.


Stevia. I’m interest to see how this turns out in tea. Derek also got Lemon Grass and Lavender for me also.


Plain Parsley. There’s Italian Parsley too.


Peppermint. This is my favorite. There was also Applemint, Pinapple Mint, Mojito Mint, and Chocolate Mint. I thought I uploaded pics for them too, but now I can’t find them! Opps.


Lemon Balm. I’ve never tried this herb. If it’s lemon, it’s got to be good.


Whoa! Those aren’t herbs. Derek also planted a few peppers and tomatoes right outside the door to be easy for me to reach.



Onions from Derek’s grandma. They taste just like green onions!

I hope I’ll be better and able to keep them alive this year. I’m sure they won’t all survive (I’m very new to herb gardening; I’m sure I’ll botch something!), but that’s okay. I’m thankful to have fresh herbs for today.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around how much kindness God shows me through my husband. I’m so thankful God brought us together. God is so good!

The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works. (Psalm 145:17 )




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    Some things happening outside in the gardening are really a big blessing. God is so good!


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