Derek as Camera Man

Phew! The garden is in full swing. With all the preserving and the holidays, I haven’t found the time to get out and take pictures of the garden. Thankfully, my faithful hubby can’t but help snap shots with his phone. All picture are courtesy of him today!


A view of the garden from the electric fence entrance.


Sunsets and Watermelon Patches. The watermelon patch is Derek’s favorite part of the garden.


Here’s how it looks in the daytime.


Volunteer pumpkin growing out of the compost pile. We think this may be a descendant of the pumpkins Derek’s grandpa gave us last year.


Weeding the green beans and wax beans. Thanks Ann for all your help with these! They’re very happy bean plants now.


Rows of beans and peas. Since this picture was taken, these rows have plants have doubled in size.


The green beans begin…


The first ripening tomato. It’s always a race between Derek and the critters to see who can get to the tomato first. Derek usually wins.



Broccoli. We’re so thankful the broccoli has been turning out so well this year! Our freezer is filled with it and there’s been extras to give away.


Beautiful baby cucumber. We pickled this one and all its friends this week.


Zucchini are doing well. So far, a move has thrown the squash borers off their trail. Hoping it stays that way.


A wrapped cauliflower — they need to have their leaves tied up around them to get that nice pale color like this…



Brussles sprouts. When we went to market on Saturday, I got so many questions on how to cook them! I feel I should type up recipes to hand out with our veggies from now on.


Cabbages! We love sauerkraut and have started our first bucket for the year. And finally….





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2 responses to “Derek as Camera Man

  1. I have a delicious Brussel sprout recipe I need to pass on. It has cheese and bacon, but it’ll have to wait until I’m in front of my recipe book and not typing on my phone. Oh! The best potato bake ever passed onto me by a dear old friend before she passe. I’ll send that too! So envious of your garden. All I can say is that the mandarin tree did well this season.


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