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The Rabbit Rescue

Over the summer, Derek gave me a call while I was at work, as he often does. He felt bummed. He’d been lawn mowing in the raspberries and accidentally hit a nest of baby rabbits. Who knows how the mother even got in through the electric fence? Derek went on the describe those poor babies who didn’t survive the encounter.

Suddenly, Derek’s tone cheers up as he ends the account with, “But…”

That’s when I knew. Baby rabbits!!!

Derek continued to confirm my moment of intuition. He (and his mom who’d been helping weed that day) rounded up the four survivors. He’d install them comfortably, complete with towel, fresh lettuce, and water. My heart melted.

As much as rabbits are a nuisance in the garden, Derek didn’t have the heart to finish off the survivors. Instead, he determined to rescue and relocate. Even better, he was waiting for me to come home to see them before their release. (Which, can be dangerous. I’m often tempted to keep baby animals that cross my path.)

After work, I came home to this…


What is it about cute, baby animals that just makes everything better? These poor little guys were so terrified after their ordeal, they stayed frozen the whole time!img_1251

Relocation in progress. (As much as Derek likes baby animals, he like to protect his vegetable plants too!)img_1252img_1253

A nearby park – the site of the release.


“Are you sure we can’t keep them, honey?” that’s what I’m thinking. Good thing our landlord has a no pets policy. Derek and I both would be too weak-willed to let them go.img_1257

Be free, bunnies!img_1262img_1264

The handsome hero after a good days work! Bunnies and vegetables both can live in peace.


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