Bush Remodel

I’ve found my hubby enjoys just about every kind of outdoor work. The only he might be better at than gardening (might) is landscaping. If Derek weren’t a gardener, he’d just as happily be a landscaper or groundsman.

At his grandparents house, the arborvitae had become so overgrown and wild. They’d begun taking over the windows and refused to be easily managed or trimmed. So Derek offered ( or more like leapt) at the chance to redo the front bed for them.


The six best.

These little guys are to replace the overgrown arborvitae. Don’t ask me how — I wonder if my hubby has some sort of plant vision super power. He can scan over a group of plants at the store. Then he singles out the very best of the best in moments. It never fails to impress me.

Picking out block. Did I mention Derek has a very fine eye for colors?


The bushes happily installed and landscaping fabric laid!

I’m afraid there’s no “before” pictures. Derek and his grandpa had to use the tractor to rip up the unruly arborvitae. Neither of them had a free hand to take an snap shots. When he came home, Derek said working with his grandpa on this had been so much fun. I’m pretty sure Derek inherited a good portion of his sense of humor from his grandpa.


Another angle — I wonder if they had to re-install this bird house after ripping up the old bushes.

So, if you look to the right of the block, do you notice the brown, grassless rim? That’s how far out the arborvitae has grown. I’m telling ya, those bushes were monsters!


Angle 3.

Here’s the after pictures — Derek’s finished work! Grandpa finished off the project by laying new grass seed around that brown rim.




They even had enough leftover block to outline the stone with the family name and the crab apple tree.

I look at project like this and I can’t help but be marvel! It’d take me weeks and weeks to complete a project like this, and it wouldn’t nearly be this nice. Derek knocked it out in a couple days — and loved it.


Lastly, a robin nested in one of his grandparents hanging baskets. Derek couldn’t resist a peak and a snapshot of these babies while taking a break.




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2 responses to “Bush Remodel

  1. Great job! And the little bird babies are sweet. We had several nests around our home and had the joy of watching them grow and their parents care for them until they finally launched them out! It’s such a beautiful picture of family life!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!
      Yeah. It’s shocking to me how quickly baby birds grow up. And the parent birds can be very protective too. Derek told me that the momma robin was making quite a ruckus when he was trying to get the picture. I don’t know if you have ever experienced the ire of a red-winged black bird. There’s a very protective bird, too!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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