Cherries and Berries

IMGA0966Harvesting is without a doubt a favorite part of gardening. Fruits hold a special place among the ranks of produce that come in. “God’s candy” is Derek’s name for it.

A highlight of the spring is the first of the strawberries. These rarely make it out of the garden, not because of pests, diseases, or poor conditions, but the dreaded hungry husband.





Such a sweetie, Derek always finds and gives me the best one…








… but I must model the strawberry for a picture before eating.






Group shot!






Close up!








Not sure what’s up with this one. Defective ones, sadly, are consumed. Sadly, our strawberry patch is spent out. Next year it’ll be time to move it and plant fresh plants — and that means no more fresh strawberries for next year.





A summer highlight is driving down to visit Derek’s grandparents in late June or early July. His grandma has kindly let us raid her cherry tree for the last three years. It’s a mature lovely tree and always has such wonderful red fruit! It’s thanks to her tree and it’s fresh fruit that our cherry jam turns out so well.


My hubby working hard. (He has a tendency to get a little woolly, specially when he’s been working in the heat.) I wasn’t feeling well at the time, so I enjoyed sitting in the shade, writing letters, and cheering him on.

Lovely fruits of his labor. We didn’t have time to turn these into jam. For now, they’re waiting patiently in the freezer for making jam this winter.

Thank you, Eva, for all the cherries every year!!!


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