Canning Expeditions

Every year, Youth for Christ sells Colorado peaches for a fundraiser. (And Georgia peaches, pecan, and pears.) We sign up for a bunch every year because, well… delicious, sweet, soft, juicy, tender, divine, melt-in-your-mouth, tangy, wonderful, there’s just not enough adjectives! (If you’ve ever tasted a ripe Colorado peach, you know what I’m talking about.)

The 30 lb lugs arrive around August here. The hubs and I have made a tradition of canning them. Peach butter is one of our favorites to eat and sell. It’s well worth the effort.


Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving – a nice starter book with easy recipes!


How could you not what to bury your face in that? BEST. PEACHES. EVER. These were lucky to even make it to the canner.


Getting an early start heating things up.

This summer, I had to be kinda careful with my energy. So my hubs took over and learned how to can pickles. He single-handedly took care of all the cucumbers this year, turning them into sweet gherkins, dill relish, lime pickles, and…


Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving


Derek’s lovely dill pickles. These are his favorite snacks.


Post-canning clean up. Few things make a mess like processing fresh produce, but it is SO worth it!


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