Deer in the Snow

As Sunday afternoon approached, the snow began to tamper off. I went to the window to check on the sky. I discovered that we had visitors.


Four deer lingered on the edge of the tree grove just south of the garden. Two didn’t clear the trees enough for a good shot, and the other two walked up along the fence line, grazing.


Zooming in, I discovered one was a buck! Looks like a 3-pointer to me.


Which of these animals do not belong?


What a surprise! Here I am, photographing deer, when five or six turkeys come wandering by, right in front of my lens! I was so taken aback (and the turkeys in such a  hurry) I only managed to snap a picture of the last one. img_1592

Beautiful animals!img_1593

As a deer pants for flowing streams,
so pants my soul for you, O God. (Psalm 42:1)



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3 responses to “Deer in the Snow

  1. sandi magle

    While we live in the far suburbs of Chicagoland, we visit a nearby county forest preserve, that is chock full of very happy deer. Spotting them is always a treat, and there were at least 3 sets of twins this year. How nice to have them stroll through your backyard, although, I’m sure they eat everything in sight during the summer months. Have a Merry Christmas and ty for the beautiful ‘deer shots’ as we call them. Grins, Sandi

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    • We enjoy going to preserves and parks as well! It’s hard to get too much of nature. Fawns are always so cute! Though, they group up to be a bit of a menace in Iowa. There are so many in Iowa. Plus, they’re are hard to keep out of the garden. Even our relatives who live in the suburbs inside town complain that the deer come in and eat their vegetables gardens. I’ve afraid to admit I enjoy deer in every respect – both watching them and eating them!
      Thanks for the comment. Merry Christmas to you too!


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