1st Christmas (Part 2)

To me, Christmas is full of awesomeness. A great chunk of said awesomeness is that Christmas provides a huge opportunity to love others, particularly my family.

My parents did so much for myself and my siblings to make Christmas awesome. I have piles of great memories: making (and eating) Christmas cookies together, picking out a daily candy canes with my little brother, anticipating moving the advent calendar, getting to open our stockings at any hour of Christmas morning. By far, my favorite memories are of the day we’d get together, crank up the Christmas music, break out the egg nog, and make a party out of decorating the whole house together as a family. My parents did a lot to make Christmas memories for us. That’s something I really want to carry on in my family.

Flashing forward to October 2016, I decided to quiz my hubby. “What makes it feel like Christmas to you? What do you enjoy about Christmas? What’s your favorite Christmas foods? What’s some of your best Christmas memories?” I determined to ferret out what makes Christmas a blessing to him. In the process, I got to know a lot more about my hubby as an added bonus! Peanuts in the shell, sugar cookies, apple cider, piano Christmas hymns, making snowforts…

A memory that stuck out to Derek was one of his grandma. He said he always remembered his grandma wearing Christmas socks. As a lover of all things soft and fuzzy, how could I resist?!

In the beginning, Derek dubiously agreed, mostly out of his love for me. We selected matching Christmas socks together as presents for one another, opened them a few days before Christmas, and TADA!


A tradition is born! In the end, Derek enjoyed fuzzy Christmas socks far more than I did! Here we are, along with the two super-soft fuzzy blankets Derek got for me.

Derek also remembered playing lots of board games with siblings and cousins around Christmas. So out came the checkerboard! A rousing and competitive game of checkers ensued!!!


We had no proper checker pieces, but spare pocket change made do in a pinch. This is dimes vs quarters. The game pieces were set. Derek, being the gentleman, offered me the first move. So, I began to strategize! (I grew up playing chess.) After about 3 minutes of my sitting hunched in deep thought, Derek gave me an excellent piece of checker’s advice. He said, “Don’t think about it so much. You gotta play by instinct.”


Pennies vs dimes. We realized after the first game that quarters and dimes are hard to distinguish in the thick of battle. A switch to pennies was made. Here we stalemated. Not exactly sure how that happened…?img_1623

Taking my hubby’s advice to heart, I found it right on the money! I ended up schooling Derek in all but the last game. Here is my hubby being a good sport, remaining cheerful and gracious even in the face of imminent defeat. It takes a real man to lose with grace.

If you’re ever in a game of checkers, definitely take Derek’s advice!


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