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From March

Is there anything better than when the snow melts and all the land begins to wake up? The crisp chill of spring being subtly softened by the warming rays of sunlight.

It’s the time when we begin dreaming over seed catalogs about the year of gardening ahead.  We also bundle up and head out to freshening up the garden after a winter’s rest.


The black and red raspberries got a fresh layer of mulch. Derek worked hard over the course of several weeks, hauling wood chips in his pickup, and forking them out by hand.


Above are the blueberries also with a nice new layer of mulch. Mulching with wood chips, straw, and grass has really been helping the garden. Not only does it keep warmth and damp in, but it also keeps the weeds down. Less weeding means more picking. And preserving. And enjoying.


The blueberry row. I don’t know how my hubbs does it. He can get rows so amazingly straight just by eye. If gardening were a superpower, I think he’d have it.


The super gardener (my hubbs) also moved the electric fence line up. (It used to be behind that big line of bushes you see under the trees.) It’ll be a lot easier to maintain now. Plus, it moves the garden out of the path of the deer who regularly amble along down by the crick behind the trees.


I’m not sure I have the arm-power to even lift that post driver. I’m in awe that he could pound in so many new posts! I’m so thankful to have a man with muscle around. (He’s awful good at opening jars for me, too!)


Here we are, cleaning out my flower garden. It got a little out of control last year if you couldn’t tell. I’m excited to keep trying to increase my faithfulness in weeding in 2017. 🙂 Derek loves to garden so much, when he sees me go out to work, he can’t help himself. He has to come along and weed with me. (No complaints here!)


This is my rock! Isn’t it lovely? Our landlords have moved in a bunch of dirt, and this rock came with it. It was so heavy, I couldn’t lift it. So I set out rolling it down to my flower garden to install it as a center piece. Derek, noticing what I was doing, came over, picked it up, and placed it for me. And he made it look easy. Again, am I glad for muscles!


Last years tulips coming back — YAY! They lived!


A view down to the crick that I couldn’t resist. God made this land beautiful indeed!


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