Garden Beginnings 2017

The weather has been blissfully wonderful here! We’re been trying to soak in all the 70s we can get. When it comes to Iowa, the weather changes rapidly. It won’t be long until the 80s, 100% humidity, and thunderstorms of summer arrive. As you’re about to see, the garden is reveling in this weather.


The watermelon patch is all planted. It’s also been raining a good deal here, and it’s made some of the seed a little late. We’re hoping this warmer weather will give them a boost to get out of the ground.


Itsy baby sweet potatoes plants, newly in the ground, in between the watermelon sections. The hubbs enjoyed his potatoes so much last year, he’s nearly doubled the amount for us this year. I’m hoping they’ll be enough left after market for me!


Cukes and zukes are happily situated in the hay. Behind them, the tomatoes are now in the ground. If you couldn’t guess from the red tiller, the weedy patch beyond is about to get it good.


Tilling done! Each little orange flag marks a squash. I do so love squashes. Especially when you say it with some extra “r,” like “squawrsh,” it makes it even better. 🙂


Green beans in on the fringe of the weed patch…


… are weedy no more! Boy, is that tiller handy.

My beloved hubbs likes nothing more than to give me tours of the garden. He loves showing me what he’s been up to and I always get the latest updates about how the garden is growing. Though I daresay, sometimes I get a little distracted. (Taking fun shadows pictures, for examples…)


Tators!!! We had maybe a row or two last year — now there’s a patch!!! Red, yellow, white, and purple. I’m excited to see how this turns out.


Oh my, there must have been some seed in the hay we used last year. We seem to be growing some oats where the tomatoes were last year. Derek isn’t too worried about it though. There’s no such thing as a perfect garden this side of heaven. (Though the hubbs gets pretty close with what he can do. 🙂 )


The oats are kind of pretty. I wonder if they’re edible… Hm…


Gorgeous weather, gorgeous clouds. No picture can do it justice. All I wanted to do was flop down right here in the grass and watch this sky for a while.



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2 responses to “Garden Beginnings 2017

  1. Your garden looks beautiful! What a blessing!! I am looking forward to some warmer temps here in NY. : )


    • Thanks! We do really enjoy the garden, especially because it helps us get outside and be around God’s glory in creation.
      Hopefully, it won’t take too much longer for warmer temps to reach NY. It’s already up to the 80s and 90s here!


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