Planting Peach Trees

Last week, we took a trip to my hubs’ folk’s place to plant some long awaited Red Haven peach trees. (“Long awaited” because Derek has been faithfully checking all the nearest Theisens Stores in search of this favorite variety since April.)

The truck being in for repairs made the journey more interesting than usual. We had to squeeze 2 peach trees, a stow-away pear, and two grown adults in our midsize SUV.



Mr. Handsome

My traveling companions as seen from the driver seat.




A.K.A. Mr. Sense of Humor

It’s hard to get natural photos of this guy. When the camera comes out, so does his goofiness. I’m learning I need to sneak up on him unawares.



We had the chance to check up on the landscaping my hubs did last year. It’s really looking nice and the plants are growing nicely.



Lovely Lilies





Double mock orange in bloom — not only showy but smells so fruity!



Peach trees in the ground and watered; all in a good day’s work.



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